Chapter 13. BOSH Components and Commands

For Platform Operators who would like a deeper understanding of how BOSH works, this chapter explores BOSH’s internal components, including the individual components and terminology that comprise a BOSH environment. It also introduces some of the fundamental BOSH commands for getting started with BOSH deployments such as Cloud Foundry.

Figure 13-1 gets the ball rolling by providing a visual tour of the components that make up the BOSH ecosystem.

BOSH components
Figure 13-1. BOSH components

The BOSH Director

Deployments are managed by the BOSH Director, a centralized management and orchestration server. To deploy a BOSH release, the release is first uploaded to a BOSH Director along with the appropriate stemcell, and the deployment manifest is set. Upon deployment, the Director then causes the instance group machines (often VMs) requested in the manifest to be allocated and stored, forming a deployment. All interaction with the BOSH Director is through the BOSH CLI.

This is an overview of the process to create a deployment:

  1. Create a deployment manifest referencing one or more releases.

  2. Through the BOSH CLI, upload stemcells and releases used by the manifest to the BOSH Director.

  3. Direct BOSH to the location of the deployment manifest.

  4. Initiate a deployment by using the bosh deploy command to form a deployment managed by the Director.

A user (or ...

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