Chapter 14. Debugging Cloud Foundry

As a topic, debugging is nuanced and complex. Debugging any system is a skill. Due to the complexity of both the layered software stack and infrastructure underpinning Cloud Foundry as well as the Cloud Foundry distributed architecture itself, debugging Cloud Foundry is a huge topic. The topic of debugging the Cloud Foundry distributed system deserves an entire book devoted to the subject.

This chapter, although certainly not exhaustive, gives you an introduction to the basic tools and techniques used for debugging the platform. It focuses on some unique potential failure scenarios. With each scenario, I will walk you through the steps, tools, and rationale used to troubleshoot the issue and remedy the situation. The techniques used in these scenarios are valuable and applicable in helping you debug numerous failure scenarios.

The failure scenarios explored in this chapter were constructed with the help of Dan Higham, Principal Engineer and Service Lead at Pivotal. Dan spends his days troubleshooting Cloud Foundry issues on behalf of client companies, and he is an authority on the topic of platform debugging.

Cloud Foundry Acceptance Tests

To validate integrity, Cloud Foundry provides a suite of acceptance tests known as the Cloud Foundry Acceptance Tests, or CATS. You should run these tests after an initial installation to verify that the integrity of the installation. After you deploy Cloud Foundry and it passes CATS, you are most of, if ...

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