6 Background

This chapter helps in understanding the flow of Part Two of this book. It introduces Cloud security, trusted computing, and the general flow of Part Two.

6.1 Topics Flow

This book is about Cloud management and security. We started the first part of this book by discussing the structure of Clouds, their management platforms and attributes. We then discussed the requirements and services that would help in automating the management of Cloud platforms. The second part of this book builds on the first part and assumes readers have carefully grasped the concepts discussed in the first part, especially those relating to Cloud structure. This part focuses on the roadmap and building blocks that are needed to establish the next generation of trustworthy Cloud computing. It also defines the security challenges and the requirements to address these challenges. Establishing trust in Clouds is a big subject in itself. Almost all challenges in Clouds eventually affect the trustworthiness of Clouds, as illustrated in Figure 6.1. For example:

  • Addressing the security and privacy challenges of the Cloud is key to establishing trust.

  • Addressing the operational management concerns will help in reducing failures, and increasing efficiency and security. These help in enhancing Cloud trustworthiness.
  • Addressing the data management concerns will help in increasing data security and reducing outages. These help in enhancing Cloud trustworthiness.

Figure 6.1 Trust components relationship ...

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