Appendix A. Library of Patterns (Thumbnail Reference Versions)

New cloud native patterns are emerging constantly. To continue sharing them and extending the cloud native pattern language we have established here, please visit

This is where to find the latest pattern developments, but also an online community for discussing and creating new patterns. We are inviting people from across the industry, thought leaders and influencers but most importantly everyday engineers and managers—those out there working elbows-deep in cloud native code and architecture—to contribute and participate. Hope to see you there!

Figure A-1.  
Comparing multiple versions of something (a feature, new functionality, UI, etc.) under real customer use conditions quickly gives useful data about which performs better. See Chapter 9: Patterns for Development and Process for full version.
Figure A-2.  

Balance proficiency and innovation by building a separate time for each into your development cycle. See Chapter 8: Patterns for Organization and Culture for full version.

Figure A-3.  

A picture—or, in this ...

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