Chapter 2. The Human Challenge of Cloud Native

Cloud native is more than just a technology or tool set. It is a philosophical approach for building applications that take full advantage of cloud computing. This new paradigm requires not only embracing new technology but also a new way of working.

As this book is being written, we have already helped several dozen companies integrate their cloud native systems. These enterprises have widely varied in size, sector, and background, but all had one thing in common: when they first began migrating their operations to the cloud, they firmly believed that a cloud native transformation meant simply a change in technology.

The thinking seems to go like this: just start using containers and Kubernetes/microservices/cloud infrastructure, and whatever problems our organization is currently experiencing will suddenly be better. While this is certainly a possible outcome for most companies moving to cloud native technology, it is also a very unlikely one—unless the organization also addresses the human challenge of cloud native.

We call it a cloud native transformation because, in order to make a successful, effective, and above all worthwhile migration to the cloud, the entire organization—not just the tech stack—must change. This means evolving nontechnical aspects such as management practices, organizational structure, and team responsibilities—even your fundamental delivery processes—to work in your new cloud native context. Otherwise, ...

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