Chapter 12. Applying the Patterns: A Cloud Native Transformation Design, Part 2

Welcome to the second half of our detailed design pattern for a cloud native transformation. Here we will lay out patterns from start to finish, explaining the order and reason for the choices as we go along. It’s a lengthy and involved process, so we have divided it into two chapters. Part 1 covered the period from pre-initiative prep through the point where we have researched, experimented, and prototyped our way to uncovering the likely best transformation path. In Part 2 we begin verifying the path by building a production-ready cloud native platform, move through onboarding everyone onto the new system with a new way of working, and then finish by shutting down the old one.


Phase 2, the Design stage, concludes with a major turning point in the transformation: the goal is clear, the tech is available, substantial knowledge has been gained, and all major questions are answered, thanks to a series of PoCs. Now is the time to build a real platform. Development teams are on hold and waiting for the new platform to start building new applications and refactoring old ones.

The MVP Platform pattern is the bridge between designing the new cloud native system and then actually building a functional, production-ready version. It’s the final test of whichever winning candidate emerged from your PoCs.

This is also a pivotal moment for the Core Team, because this is the point where the team ...

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