Cloud Without Compromise

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Many companies claim to have "gone to the cloud," yet returns from their efforts are meager or worse. Why? Because they've defined cloud as a destination, not a capability. Using cloud as a single-vendor, one-stop destination is fiction; in practice, today's organizations use a mosaic of capabilities across several vendors. Your cloud strategy needs to follow a hybrid multicloud model, one that delivers cloud's value at destinations you choose.

This practical guide provides business leaders and C-level executives with guidance and insights across a wide range of cloud-related topics, such as distributed cloud, microservices, and other open source solutions for strengthening operations. You'll apply in-the-field best practices and lessons learned as you define your hybrid cloud strategy and drive your company's transformation strategy.

  • Learn cloud fundamentals and patterns, including basic concepts and history
  • Get a framework for cloud acumen phases to value-plot your cloud future
  • Know which questions to ask a cloud provider before you sign
  • Discover potential pitfalls for everything from the true cost of a cloud solution to adopting open source the right way

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Table of contents

  1. Preface: Who This Book Is For
    1. Conventions Used in This Book
    2. O’Reilly Online Learning
    3. How to Contact Us
    4. Our Collective Thank Yous and Acknowledgments
    5. Our Personal Dedications and Reflections
      1. Paul Zikopoulos
      2. Christopher Bienko
      3. Chris Backer
      4. Chris Konarski
      5. Sai Vennam
  2. Introduction
  3. 1. Cloudy Skies Are the Best Forecast Ever
    1. Thrivers, Divers, and New Arrivers
    2. Business Vaccination: The Arriver’s Guide
      1. Cost Takeout
      2. Resiliency
      3. Performance
      4. Security
      5. Modernization
      6. AI
    3. So Why Are Cloudy Skies the Best Forecast Ever?
  4. 2. Evolution of Cloud
    1. Are You on the Intranet, Internet, or Extranet? Nah—Just Internet
    2. Are You on a Private Cloud, Public Cloud, or Community Cloud? Nah—Just Cloud
    3. History Repeats Itself: From Granularity of Terms to General Terms
    4. Hybrid Cloud’s “Chapter 2”: Distributed Cloud
      1. Distributed Cloud On-Premises
    5. Living on the Edge: Distributed Cloud
      1. Distributed Cloud for Multicloud
      2. A Caveat to Distributed Cloud
      3. Distributed Cloud: The Ultimate Unification Layer
    6. Industry Expertise in Mission-Critical Business Processes
    7. Proven Security, Compliance, and Governance
    8. Confidential Computing and Zero Trust Architectures
    9. Build Once and Run Anywhere with Consistency
    10. Capture the World’s Innovation
    11. Cloud Solely for Savings Could Leave You with Cravings: A Trend of Repatriation
    12. Be Ye a Renovator, Innovator, or Both? How You Spend Budget
    13. Adopting a “Learning Never Ends” Culture: A Cloud Success Secret Ingredient
    14. Ready, Set, Cloud!
  5. 3. “Cloud Chapter 2”: The Path to Cloud Native
    1. Eras of Application Development
      1. In the Beginning: Monoliths and Waterfalls
      2. SOA Is the SOS to Your Monolith
      3. Microservices: What SOA Would Be If It Was Version 2.0
      4. First “Pass” on PaaS
      5. Lessons Learned: The Rise of Containers
      6. But Wait, Don’t VMs Do the Same Thing!?
      7. Docker Brings Containers to the Masses
    2. A Practical Understanding of Kubernetes
      1. Starting the Kubernetes Journey
    3. Time to Start Building
  6. 4. Cloud Computing: Patterns for The What, The How, and The Why
    1. Patterns of Cloud Computing: A Working Framework for Discussion
    2. Order Up: Pizza as a Service
    3. Do (Almost All of) It Yourself: Infrastructure as a Service
      1. IaaS has a Twin Sibling: Bare Metal
    4. Noisy Neighbors Can Be Bad Neighbors: The Multitenant Cloud
      1. Cloud Regions and Cloud Availability Zones for Any As-a-Service Offering
    5. Building the Developer’s Sandbox with Platform as a Service
      1. Digging Deeper into PaaS
      2. Composing in the Fabric of Cloud Services
    6. Consuming Functionality Without the Stress: Software as a Service
    7. The Cloud Bazaar: SaaS and the API Economy
    8. All You Need Is a Little Bit of REST and Some Microservices
      1. It’s Not Magic, But It’s Cool: The Server in Serverless?
      2. Serverless has a Kid! Function as a Service
      3. The Takeaway
    9. Wrapping It Up
  7. 5. Shift Left
    1. Monolithic and Microservices
      1. Separating the Old from the New
      2. Microservices Dance to a Different Fiddle
      3. Scaling: One of These Things Is Not Like the Other
      4. Orchestration: Amplifying the Challenges of Scale
    2. Write Once, Run Anywhere
      1. Three Stages of Approaching Modernization Incrementally
    3. Comparing Legacy Applications, Containerized Applications, and Virtual Machines
      1. Namespaces: What’s in a Name?
      2. Building an Operating System for Containers
    4. It’s OK to Have an Opinion: Opinionated Open Source
      1. Putting It All Together
  8. 6. Hackers, Attackers, and Would-Be Bad Actors: Thoughts on Security for Hybrid Cloud
    1. Just to Level Set: What’s This Open Source Stuff?
    2. Data Breaches, Exploits, and Vulnerabilities
      1. Hackers Don’t Care Where You Work: Public Cloud and Security
    3. A Case Study in Exploitable OSS
    4. Did You Leave the Container Door Open?
    5. Zero Trust in a Hybrid Cloud World
    6. Importance of Sec(urity) in DevSecOps
    7. Container Security Visibility 101
  9. 7. Data Gravity
    1. Data Gravity: More Formally Defined
    2. Container-Ready and Container-Native Storage
      1. Solving Challenges of Business Continuity in a Containerized World
      2. Why Storage? Why Now? The Curious Evolution of Persistence for Containers
      3. Container: May Ye Live Long and Prosper
      4. Container-Ready and Container-Native: Reinventing Storage for Containerized Applications
      5. Adding Storage for Containers…The Right Way
    3. Seven Best Practices for Securing Containerized Data and Applications
      1. 1. Multitenancy and the Unusual World of Container Host Operating Systems
      2. 2. Trusting Your Sources
      3. 3. Protecting the Software Build Process
      4. 4. Wrangling Deployments on Clusters
      5. 5. Orchestrating Securely
      6. 6. Lockdown: Network Isolation and API Endpoint Security
      7. 7. United Federation of Containerized Applications
    4. Readying Data for the New Normal
  10. 8. Ecosystem for Automation
    1. Rethinking Automation for the As-a-Service Era
    2. More Agency with Agentless Design
    3. What’s the Play? Architecting for Automation
    4. Streamlined Automation for the Hybrid Multicloud Era
      1. Automation for Multivendor Stacks
      2. Automation for Cloud-Scale Deployments
      3. Automation for Stress-Free DevOps
    5. Automation Everywhere and for All
  11. A. Speaking Kubernetes and Other Strange-Sounding Names
    1. The Perfect Open Source Project
    2. Day 1 on the Job: Helm Package Management
    3. Day 2 on the Job: Kubernetes Operators to Save the Day
    4. The Infrastructure…Of Course!
    5. Making the Network Tractable: Service Meshes
    6. Testing, Integration, and Deployment
    7. Monitoring and Observability
      1. Prometheus
      2. Grafana
      3. Alertmanager
    8. The Paradox of Choice: Red Hat OpenShift
  12. Index

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  • Title: Cloud Without Compromise
  • Author(s): Paul Zikopoulos, Christopher Bienko, Chris Backer, Chris Konarski, Sai Vennam
  • Release date: August 2021
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781098103736