Configuring Kerberos for Apache Hadoop

In this section, we will use Cloudera Manager to configure Kerberos for our cluster running CDH5.

At the time of installation, CDH5 creates the following users:

  • hdfs: This user runs the namenode, datanodes, and secondary namenode daemons. The following screenshot shows the hdfs user as the owner of the namenode service:
    Configuring Kerberos for Apache Hadoop
  • mapred: This user runs the jobtracker and tasktracker daemons when using the MRv1, and job history server daemon when using YARN (MRv2).
  • yarn: This user runs the resource manager and node manager daemons.
  • oozie: The user runs the Oozie server.
  • hue: This user runs the Hue Server, Beeswax Server, Authentication ...

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