Start with the executable and very few targets, later localize scope

Let us add some sources. In the Vim example, sources are under src and to keep the main CMakeLists.txt readable and maintainable, we will create a new file, src/CMakeLists.txt, and process this file in its own directory scope by adding this to the main CMakeLists.txt:


Inside src/CMakeLists.txt, we could start out defining the executable target and listing all sources that we have extracted from build.log:

add_executable(vim arabic.c beval.c buffer.c blowfish.c crypt.c crypt_zip.c dict.c diff.c digraph.c edit.c eval.c evalfunc.c ex_cmds.c ex_cmds2.c ex_docmd.c ex_eval.c ex_getln.c farsi.c fileio.c fold.c getchar.c hardcopy.c hashtab.c if_cscope.c if_xcmdsrv.c ...

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