Employing Adequate Countermeasures

Countermeasures are actions you can take to counter the tactics of an enemy. Because, in all likelihood, you'll need a wireless network in your business operation, being able to determine how to protect your wireless network from the bad guys is important. If you learn how to protect the physical and the electronic portions of your wireless infrastructure, you can keep your network safe.

Physical Countermeasures

Take a look around your office. Where is your WAP located? Is it conveniently placed on a desk surface? Or is it mounted up near the ceiling, hence requiring a ladder to reach it?

Protecting the physical device should be the first step in your security plan. For example, if it's sitting on desk surface, it could easily be tampered with, stolen, or unplugged. A better location would be a nearby locked closet. The prime objective of protecting this device is to prevent any type of tampering or changes to settings.

Secure the WAP

Think of your WAP as a doorway leading to your network. This means that if the door is open and unguarded, all types of people will make use of your resources, which is obviously not a good situation.

Securing the WAP is simple and easy. Following are few things you want to consider:

  • Stop telling everyone you have a wireless network — Even though you probably aren't verbally telling people this fact, the device still broadcasts itself to intended devices. In essence, changing your setting for SSID BROADCAST to ...

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