35 Mindfulness in coaching: Identifying environmental distractions

Jonathan Passmore


This short article focuses on a specific technique, which can help us manage the environmental distractions that are a constant feature of modern life. The paper offers a short description of the process and when this technique may be helpful within a coaching conversation.


Mindfulness coaching; meditation; coaching psychology.

Original publication details: Passmore, J. (2017, June). Mindfulness in coaching: Identifying environmental distractions. The Coaching Psychologist, 13(1), 31–33. Reproduced with permission of The British Psychological Society.


This paper is one of a series of papers focusing on mindfulness techniques that can be used by coaches with their clients. In previous papers we have discussed the nature of mindfulness and the benefits it can offer both coaches and their clients (Passmore & Marianetti, 2007; Marianetti & Passmore, 2007). In this paper the focus is a specific technique. The technique is highly experiential and requires coaches to practice it, as opposed to simply read it. This technique aims to help coachees become more conscious of environmental distractions from work colleagues to digital devices. The paper offers a short and simple mindfulness meditation accompanied by a short journal reflection for the coachee.


We live in a world of constant distractions; interruptions from colleagues, ...

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