The Coach’s Mindset Six Universal Principles of Masterful Coaching
In Chapter One I introduced a new model and philosophy for managing your sales team. I wish I could say that simply changing your strategy and management style will yield the results you are looking for, but I can’t.
It takes more than upgrading what you do to become a masterful sales coach. You also need to change how you think and behave on a consistent level. Think about the managers throughout your career who you respect and admire. I’m sure it’s more than just their business and sales acumen that impressed you. When you think of those people, how do you describe them? Chances are, it would sound like this: “She is great!” “She is very attentive and cares about her people.” “She really takes the time to ensure each of her salespeople get the support and attention they need to succeed here.” “She will definitely challenge you and hold you accountable but does it in an empowering and positive way.” “I think she has my best interests in mind.”
These feelings or beliefs that you hold for your favorite managers have less to do with their tactical approach and more about how they act and communicate with you. And how you present yourself and communicate with your salespeople are a direct result of your attitude and mindset and how you approach management and coaching. Besides, if technical ability or ...

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