NSView — Mac OS X 10.0


This is the Cocoa interface to Mac OS X’s graphics APIs, including Quartz 2D, OpenGL (using NSOpenGLView), and QuickDraw (using NSQuickDrawView). Anything that is drawn to screen in Cocoa is done so within a view object. Developers can implement custom drawing behavior by subclassing NSView and overriding the drawRect: method. See Chapter 3 for more information on how views relate to other classes in the AppKit.

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@interface NSView : NSResponder
                                  // Initializers
   - (id)initWithFrame:(NSRect)frameRect;
                                  // Accessor Methods
   - (void)setBoundsSize:(NSSize)newSize;
   - (void)setFrameOrigin:(NSPoint)newOrigin;
   - (void)setFrame:(NSRect)frameRect;
   - (NSRect)frame;
   - (void)setAutoresizingMask:(unsigned int)mask;
   - (unsigned int)autoresizingMask;
   - (void)setUpGState;
   - (void)setBoundsRotation:(float)angle;
   - (float)boundsRotation;
   - (void)setAutoresizesSubviews:(BOOL)flag;
   - (BOOL)autoresizesSubviews;
   - (void)setNeedsDisplayInRect:(NSRect)invalidRect;
   - (void)setBoundsOrigin:(NSPoint)newOrigin;
   - (void)setFrameRotation:(float)angle;
   - (float)frameRotation;
   - (void)setNeedsDisplay:(BOOL)flag;
   - (BOOL)needsDisplay;
   - (void)setToolTip:(NSString *)string;
   - (NSString *)toolTip;
   - (void)setFrameSize:(NSSize)newSize;
   - (void)setBounds:(NSRect)aRect;
   - (NSRect)bounds;
   - (void)setPostsFrameChangedNotifications:(BOOL) ...

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