Chapter 2: Think Cocoa!


In This Chapter

Designing with Cocoa

Creating Cocoa applications

Moving to Cocoa and Objective-C from other platforms

Although it's possible to learn Cocoa by rote, laboriously listing its objects and trying to memorize their key properties and code interfaces, Cocoa comes alive when you understand its design principles in a more open way. Some of these principles derive from Objective-C. Others are related to Aqua — the OS X look and feel built on top of Cocoa — and are described in more detail later in this chapter. It's much easier to master Cocoa by understanding its design philosophy and filling in coding details, as needed, than by working backward from Cocoa code examples.

Designing for Cocoa

Apple products emphasize creative design; a successful design includes the following three elements:

bl.eps Outstanding aesthetics. Applications should look inspiring and attractive, and users should feel curious and fascinated as soon as they see the interface. But design should enhance features without overpowering them.

A sense of fun and creative possibility. ...

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