Chapter 13: Using Preferences and Bindings


In This Chapter

Understanding bindings

Using bindings with controllers

Implementing preferences with bindings

Creating and using value transformers

In the same way that space is big, bindings are complex. Apple's documentation might not be considered a model of clarity, and it's difficult to find good information online from other sources, in part because bindings cause so much confusion to so many developers that even Cocoa experts have trouble with them. This chapter is designed to cut through the confusion that surrounds bindings and present them in a simple and clear way. To use bindings successfully you must understand:

bl.eps What bindings are

bl.eps How bindings relate to other technologies, such as properties, Key-Value Observing (KVO), and Key-Value Coding (KVC)

bl.eps How bindings are implemented in code

How bindings are implemented in Interface ...

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