Chapter 19: Developing for the iPhone and iPad


In This Chapter

Introducing the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Moving to iOS from OS X

Understanding iOS views and UI designs

Developing for iOS in Xcode

Building a simple application

Selling in the App Store

If you can create a Cocoa app, you can develop an iPhone app — and if you can develop an iPhone app, you can sell it in the App Store. Making the transition from Cocoa code on OS X to the iPhone's Cocoa Touch technology is easy, but the business model, the development environment, and the design goals are different. To create a successful app, you must change your aims and learn to work with the smaller screen and touch interface shown in Figure 19.1.

Figure 19.1

The famous iPhone home screen, showing some of the hundreds of thousands of apps that are available


Introducing the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Apple's mobile devices have created a popular, huge, and lucrative market for content and application developers. The three different iOS devices offer a core set of frameworks and classes for all mobile devices. All devices ...

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