Cocoon: Building XML Applications

Book description

Cocoon: Building XML Applications is the guide to the Apache Cocoon project. The book contains the much needed documentation on the Cocoon project, but it does not limit itself to just being a developer¿s handbook. The book motivates the use of XML and XML software (in particular open source software). It contains everything a beginner needs to get going with Cocoon as well as the detailed information a developer needs to develop new and exciting components to extend the XML publishing framework. Although each chapter builds upon the previous ones, the book is designed so that the chapters can also be read as individual guides to the topics they discuss. Varied "hands-on" examples are used to make the underlying concepts and technologies absolutely clear to anyone starting out with Cocoon. Chapters that detail the author¿s experience in building Internet applications are used to embed Cocoon into the "real world" and complete the picture. mdMatthew Langham and Carsten Ziegeler

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Authors
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Tell Us What You Think
  5. Introduction
  6. An Introduction to Internet Applications
    1. A Brief History of Internet Applications
    2. Scripting Languages
    3. Application Architectures
    4. The Challenges of Building Internet Applications
    5. Using Cocoon to Meet the Challenges
  7. Building the Machine Web with XML
    1. HTML Applications
    2. XML Arrives on the Scene
    3. Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) and XSL Transformations (XSLT)
    4. Building XML Applications
    5. Apache Cocoon
    6. Summary
  8. Getting Started with Cocoon
    1. Prerequisites for Installing Cocoon
    2. Step-by-Step Instructions
    3. Obtaining a Newer Version of Cocoon
    4. On We Go
  9. Putting Cocoon to Work
    1. Cocoon: The Big Picture
    2. A Closer Look at the Sitemap
    3. Getting Practical
    4. Advanced Components and Examples
    5. Summary
  10. Cocoon News Portal: Entry Version
    1. Which Data Sources?
    2. Designing the Layout
    3. The Application Architecture
    4. Putting It All Together
    5. The Complete Entry Version
  11. A User’s Look at the Cocoon Architecture
    1. The Cocoon Architecture in Detail
    2. Advanced Sitemap Features
    3. Using the Command-Line Interface
    4. Practical Examples and Tips
    5. Wrapping Up the User Perspective
  12. Cocoon News Portal: Extended Version
    1. Designing the Portal
    2. Integrating Data Sources into the Portal
    3. Building the Portal’s Functionality
    4. Closing the Portal
  13. A Developer’s Look at the Cocoon Architecture
    1. The Avalon Component Model
    2. SAX Event Handling
    3. Cocoon Internals
    4. Enough Theory
  14. Developing Components for Cocoon
    1. What Is Needed to Develop Cocoon Components
    2. Sitemap Components
    3. Advanced Components
    4. Wrapping Up the Developer Perspective
  15. Cocoon News Portal: Advanced Version
    1. Extensible Server Pages (XSP)
    2. Extending the Extended Portal
    3. Building the Portal with XSP
    4. Adding New Features
    5. Running the Portal
    6. Conceiving and Designing a Cocoon Application
  16. Designing Cocoon Applications
    1. The Application Concept
    2. Different Types of Applications
    3. Summary
  17. Cocoon: Weaving the Future
    1. The Evolving Cocoon Architecture
    2. Cocoon Usage Scenarios
    3. Unraveling Cocoon
  18. Cocoon Components
    1. Common Components in cocoon.xconf
  19. Cocoon API Specifications
    1. Avalon Framework and LogKit
    2. Cocoon
    3. SAX
  20. Links on the Web
    1. Chapter 1, “An Introduction to Internet Applications”
    2. Chapter 2, “Building the Machine Web with XML”
    3. Chapter 3, “Getting Started with Cocoon”
    4. Chapter 4, “Putting Cocoon to Work”
    5. Chapter 5, “Cocoon News Portal: Entry Version”
    6. Chapter 7, “Cocoon News Portal: Extended Version”
    7. Chapter 8, “A Developer’s Look at the Cocoon Architecture”
    8. Chapter 9, “Developing Components for Cocoon”
    9. Chapter 11, “Designing Cocoon Applications”

Product information

  • Title: Cocoon: Building XML Applications
  • Author(s): Matthew Langham, Carsten Ziegeler
  • Release date: July 2002
  • Publisher(s): Sams
  • ISBN: 9780735712355