Code Halos: How the Digital Lives of People, Things, and Organizations are Changing the Rules of Business

Book description

Harness "Code Halos" to gain competitive advantage in the digital era

Amazon beating Borders, Netflix beating Blockbuster, Apple beating Kodak, and the rise of companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Pandora are not isolated or random events. Today's outliers in revenue growth and value creation are winning with a new set of rules. They are dominating by managing the information that surrounds people, organizations, processes, and products—what authors Malcolm Frank, Paul Roehrig, and Ben Pring call Code Halos. This is far beyond "Big Data" and analytics. Code Halos spark new commercial models that can dramatically flip market dominance from industry stalwarts to challengers. In this new book, the authors show leaders how digital innovators and traditional companies can build Code Halo solutions to drive success. The book:

  • Examines the explosion of digital information that now surrounds us and describes the profound impact this is having on individuals, corporations, and societies;

  • Shows how the Crossroads Model can help anticipate and navigate this market shift;

  • Provides examples of traditional firms already harnessing the power of Code Halos including GE's "Brilliant Machines," Disney's theme park "Magic Band," and Allstate's mobile devices and analytics that transform auto insurance.

  • With reasoned insight, new data, real-world cases, and practical guidance, Code Halos shows seasoned executives, entrepreneurs, students, line-of-business owners, and technology leaders how to master the new rules of the Code Halo economy.

    Table of contents

    1. Disclaimer
    2. Acknowledgments
    3. Introduction: The Value of the Virtual
    4. Part I: Digits Over Widgets: The Next Age Of Business and Technology
      1. Chapter One: “Will It Happen to Us?” A Trillion-Dollar Opportunity or an Extinction Event
        1. What Is a Code Halo?
        2. The First Trillion Is Always the Hardest
        3. How Significant Was the Impact of the First Trillion Club?
        4. Historical Sources of Competitive Advantage Don’t Hold Up Well Against Code Halos
        5. More Industries Heading to the Crossroads
        6. Code Halos Go Mainstream
        7. Code Halos: The Building Blocks of the Second Economy
        8. Harnessing the Power of Code Halos in Your Industry
        9. Notes
      2. Chapter Two: The Personal Code Halo: Press “1” for the Real You
        1. Invisible But Always Present, Ever Enriching
        2. Take Us, for Example
        3. When Code Meets Code . . .
        4. The SMAC Stack: Driver of the Technological Sea Change
        5. The Discipline of Creating Value from Insight
        6. Code Halos: A New Core Competency
        7. Personal Code Halos Showcase Value of the Virtual
        8. Notes
      3. Chapter Three: The Five Business Code Halos: Connecting Customers, Products, and Organizations
        1. The Customer Code Halo: The Relationship Maker
        2. Product Code Halos Shift Value from Widgets to Digits
        3. Employee Code Halos: New Ways for Team Members to Connect and Solve Problems
        4. The Partner Code Halo: Weaver of Webs
        5. The Enterprise Code Halo: Brand Aggregator
        6. Five Halos Matter to People, Places, and Things
        7. Notes
      4. Chapter Four: The Anatomy of a Winning Code Halo Solution
        1. Computing Devices Are Today’s Established Amplifiers
        2. The “Skinterface” Will Change the Consumer Experience
        3. Industrial Amplifiers: Harnessing the Power of the Internet of Things
        4. Smart Appliances Become Amplifiers in the Home
        5. Facebook’s EdgeRank Algorithm Makes It Personal
        6. Successful Algorithms Power Code Connections and Create Insight
        7. Netflix Lassos Data to Win in the Market
        8. Why Didn’t They Tune in the Zune?
        9. Balance Focus on Five Components for a Winning Solution
        10. Notes
      5. Chapter Five: The SMAC Stack: The New Technology of Code
        1. Driving Business Value Through New Technologies
        2. SMAC as a Technology Stack: No Technology Is an Island
        3. A Step Change Driving Exponential Growth in Computing Devices and Data
        4. Mobility and Analytics Lead the Way
        5. Growth in Human-Generated Data
        6. Smart Cars, Smart Houses, Smart Grids, Smart Health: The Coming Explosion in Machine-Generated Data
        7. Don’t Get SMACked
        8. Notes
      6. Chapter Six: The Pattern of Digital Disruption: The Crossroads Model
        1. The Crossroads Model Across Multiple Industries
        2. Traditional Organizations Are Coming to the Crossroads
        3. Decide Your Fate at the Crossroads
        4. Notes
      7. Chapter Seven: The Code Halo Economy: The Economics of Information
        1. Meaning Makers Are Winning Based on Code
        2. Steps to Make Meaning
        3. Getting Analytics Right
        4. Separating Signal from Noise Will Be the Killer Business Skill over the Next Decade
        5. Build a Business Analytics Ecosystem
        6. Skills for “Key-Making” Will Be Needed—But Are in Short Supply
        7. Pick the Right Target for Disruption
        8. Making Meaningful Returns
        9. Digits Over Widgets: The Next Age of Business and Technology
        10. Notes
    5. Part II: Four Principles for Success in the Code Halo Economy
      1. Chapter Eight: Delivering Beautiful Products and Experiences
        1. Engineering and Design Must Connect to Create Beautiful Code Halo Solutions
        2. Beauty Is About Experience, Not Just Devices
        3. Why the Nook Found No Niche
        4. Beauty Is Becoming Central to Creating Value
        5. Notes
      2. Chapter Nine: Don’t Be Evil 2.0: Earning—and Keeping—Trust in a Transparent World
        1. Perspective #1: We’ve Been Here Before—Fears Generated by New Technologies
        2. Perspective #2: The Evolution of Privacy
        3. Perspective #3: Trust Is the Currency of the Code Halo Economy
        4. Perspective #4: The Law Will Never Catch Up
        5. Action #1: Give Your Code Halo a Delete Button
        6. Action #2: Show Me You Know Me
        7. Action #3: Shine a Light on Your “Give-to-Get” Equation
        8. Action #4: Calibrate Your Approach for a Global Stage
        9. Action #5: Hard-Code Self-Control
        10. Be Proactive Early to Avoid Being Evil—and Creepy
        11. Notes
      3. Chapter Ten: Manage Your Career Based on Code: Winning in the Wirearchy
        1. The Changing Nature of Power: Hierarchy versus “Wirearchy”
        2. You’re Uncomfortable with “Scrambled-Egg” Life
        3. A Computer Can Tell You What to Do
        4. You Hate Social Media and Never Skype
        5. Golf Is Central to Your Sales Strategy
        6. The Deming Rule: Use Data to End HIPPO Management
        7. The Rule of Virtual Work: Out of Sight, Front of Mind
        8. The Tattoo Rule: Manage Your Professional Code Halo
        9. The Keyser Söze Rule: Does Your Reputation Truly Precede Itself?
        10. The Node Rule: It’s Not All About You
        11. The Value-Add Rule: Don’t Regurgitate; Create!
        12. Act Now to Thrive in the Organization of 2020
        13. Notes
      4. Chapter Eleven: Make IT Your Halo Heroes: Transform Your Technology Organization
        1. Align the Charter and Goals for IT by Horizon
        2. Rebalance Your Leadership Focus to Match New Requirements
        3. Attack the 80-20 Rule to Fund Innovation
        4. Drive Efficiencies in H1 and H2 IT
        5. The Business-Embedded Portion of the New H3 IT Organization
        6. Putting the New IT Organization into Place
        7. Create Halo Heroes by Bridging the IT-Business Gap
        8. Summary of Part II
        9. Four Principles for Success in the Code Halo Economy
        10. Notes
    6. Part III: Winning with the Crossroads Model
      1. Chapter Twelve: Seize Advantage During Ionization: Sense, Innovate, and Prepare to Pilot
        1. Your Goal for Ionization Is an Action Plan
        2. Develop the “Will to Innovate”
        3. Ionization Is the Time for Entrepreneurs to Shine
        4. Identify Connection Points Where Code Halo Solutions Fit
        5. Don’t Lock Out New Ideas During Ionization
        6. Pick Your Code Halo Starting Points
        7. Assess and Rank Your Pilot Ideas
        8. Prepare to Innovate and Pilot During Ionization
        9. Notes
      2. Chapter Thirteen: Create a Spark: Pilot Your Best Code Halo Solutions
        1. The Tradeoff Is Broken by Code Halos
        2. The Hierarchy of Giving and Getting
        3. Pick Your Code Halo Based on Its Give-to-Get Ratio
        4. The Spark Is the Healthy Beginning, Not the End
        5. Note
      3. Chapter Fourteen: Enrich and Scale at Internet Speed: Turn a Spark into a Blaze
        1. Stay the Course Through the Flat Water of Enrichment
        2. Constantly Refine the User Experience
        3. Scale Your Data First, Not Your Business
        4. Enrich Your Solution to Win at the Crossroads
        5. Notes
    7. Conclusion: Winning in the New Code Rush
    8. Photo Credits
    9. Index
    10. End User License Agreement

    Product information

    • Title: Code Halos: How the Digital Lives of People, Things, and Organizations are Changing the Rules of Business
    • Author(s): Malcolm Frank, Paul Roehrig, Ben Pring
    • Release date: April 2014
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781118862070