Stage checklist

Key processes: Project briefProject manager selectionFeasibility studiesBusiness caseFunding optionsDelivery parameters
Key objective: ‘Is the need feasible?’
Key deliverables: Project briefSigning off business case
Key resources: Client teamProject managerSpecialist consultants

Stage process and outcomes

During this stage, the client is establishing objectives and reviewing the various options available to achieve these objectives. Commencing with only a conceptual understanding of what the client requires this stage involves developing and defining the client’s requirements, identifying and appraising all the options, and concludes with a client decision to proceed on a firm course of action.


  • definition of client’s objectives
  • appraisal of different options
  • a recommended best course of action to achieve the objectives
  • demonstration of the financial viability of the preferred solution
  • confirmation of a project brief
  • business case (produced by the client)
  • client executive-level approval to project proposals (usually based on a business case)
  • client decision to proceed or not to proceed to the strategy stage
  • prepare core consultant scope of services

Client’s objectives

The main objectives for the client at this stage include identifying and specifying the project objectives, outlining possible options and select the most suitable option through sustainability, value and risk assessment. At this stage, establishing the project ...

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