Stage checklist

Key processes: Design delivery processTechnical design and production informationValue managementProcurement of supply chainContractual arrangementsBIM strategy
Key objective: What do we need to build?How would it look like and function?How would we deliver it and manage it?
Key deliverables: Design outputsContractual arrangements
Key resources: Client teamProject managerDesign teamCDM coordinator

Stage process and outcomes

This stage involves implementation of the plans developed during the strategy stage to ensure all aspects necessary for the commencement of works on site have been resolved. These involve execution of the design process, obtaining of all required statutory and legal consents and the selection and appointment of the contractor(s).


  • fully developed design information
  • fully developed tender documentation
  • design freeze
  • tender process
  • update Health and Safety Plan and File
  • resolution of all statutory and legal consents and approvals
  • selection and appointment of contractor(s)
  • completion of development of site logistics
  • confirmation of BIM strategy
  • confirmation of readiness to commence work on site
  • client approval to proceed with the construction works

Design process

Design development is rarely completely linear. It involves experiment and revisiting solutions which turn out not to be ideal. Getting design right is therefore a process which requires insight, flexibility and collaboration. Planning and ...

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