Appendix C. Referenced Source Files

There are no answers, only cross references

—Weiner's Law of Libraries

The following text lists in alphabetical order the complete path names of all source files that have been referenced in this book. The base name of each file (for example, cat.c) appears in the index.

ace 399

ace/ace 329, 336, 338

ace/ace/Addr.i 308

ace/ace/Cleanup_Strategies_T.h 256

ace/ace/Dump.h 308

ace/ace/Future_Set.h 305

ace/ace/Min_Max.h 315

ace/ace/OS.cpp 315

ace/apps/drwho/PMC_Ruser.cpp 368

ace/bin/ 309

ace/TAO/examples/mfc/server.cpp 330

ace/TAO/tao/Sequence_T.cpp 252

ace/TAO/tao/TAO_Singleton.h 332

ace/TAO/tests/Param_Test/any.cpp 303

ace/TAO/tests/Param_Test/any.h 303

apache 399

apache/src/ap/ap_snprintf.c 234

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