Codechart 1.  A roadmap to the Java 3D API

Codechart 2.  Collections and their iterators in java.util (Chapter 7)

Codechart 3.  Iterator design pattern (§ 11.2)

Codechart 4.  Elements of JUnit

Codechart 5a.  Each of the 23 individual methods in Container forwards the call to the method it overrides in Component

Codechart 5b.  Each method in a set of methods in class Container forwards the call to the method it overrides in Component

Codechart 6.  Method Stack.push will be overridden by a method that returns an instance of Stack

Codechart 7.  The Composite pattern in LePUS3

Codechart 8.  Enterprise JavaBeans™ (Table 11) elements in LePUS3

Codechart 9.  Abstract and concrete collection and iterator in java.util (Program 1)

Codechart 10.  A Java class (Vector), a Java interface (Collection), and a Java primitive type (int)

Codechart 11.  Method Vector.size

Codechart 12.  One signature constant can be used to model many methods with same signature

Codechart 13.  A method with signature clone () is inherited by class Vector

Codechart 14.  Some methods in class Vector

Codechart 15.  sort is a global function and multiply is a double-dispatch method

Codechart 16.  AbstractList is an abstract class and Collection is a Java interface

Codechart 17.  The method with signature get () in AbstractList is abstract and the method with signature size () in collection is abstract

Codechart 18.  The method with signature sort () in class Arrays is a Java “static” method and Collection ...

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