Observations on Project Types

As a wrap-up to this chapter, the following are some observations on which Response Metrics might deserve special focus for different types of software projects. Different project types will have different dynamics and expectations, such as the size of the target user base, the level of competition, and the amount and type of customer support that can be expected or tolerated. In general, any of the Response Metrics could be relevant and useful to help any type of software team gain insight and understanding of user response. But certain metrics may prove more significant according to the type of software you are working on and delivering.

Consumer Software

Consumer software is downloaded to consumer devices, either desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone computing devices. Consumer software is targeted at individual buyers, although it can be for personal or business use. The software, like all others, may have a price or it may be free. Consumer software includes traditional packages such as local document editors, personal information management products, games, and all manner of applications in between—including those delivered today for smart phones. By definition, each version of the software is run by one user at a time, although the software might enable multiple users to communicate concurrently when running the software.

The following Response Metrics can be particularly useful for a software development team working on consumer software projects: ...

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