Chapter 15

Ten Free Resources for Coding and Coders

The technology world is constantly evolving. New technologies are invented, developers build new products using these technologies, and new markets emerge from people using these products. In the time it took me to write these chapters and for this book to find its way into your hands, much has already changed. The following resources help you continue learning, answer questions, and stay abreast of these changes.

The resources listed below are all completely free. Many of these resources stay free by depending on community members like you to contribute, so don’t be shy about participating!

Learning-to-Code Websites

Learning to code is a constant journey that never ends for even the most experienced programmers. New languages and frameworks appear every day, and the only way to stay current is to keep learning. Although you may not be an experienced developer just yet, the following resources appeal to beginners with different learning styles. You can learn general introductory computer science topics or specific web development techniques by reading text or watching video lectures, and do it at your own pace or in a scheduled class. Let’s get started!


Codecademy, created for people with no previous programming experience, is the easiest way to learn how to code online. Many chapters in this book use lessons from the site. You can use the site to

  • Learn front-end languages like HTML, CSS, and ...

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