Project 1

Art Toy

Coding the Art Toy introduces you to MicroWorlds EX primitives, which are built-in commands including setting background and turtle (object) colors; putting the turtle pen up and pen down; setting the pen size; moving the turtle forward and backward; and turning the turtle left and right. It also introduces the home and clean primitives.

In this project, you’ll code your first procedures — new commands you create by putting together primitives in new ways, many using the repeat command. As you build Art Toy, you’ll craft a user interface by making a text box title and buttons, as well as tinker with setting your buttons to execute once versus forever. The fun is in creating your own toy, and then playing with it. Now you’re coding!


All projects can be adapted to appear in new ways to the user or player. Many times, by using different graphics with the same computer code, you can create projects or games that look very different.

You can create a few different looks for Art Toy, but mostly, this project gives the end user, the person who will be playing with your art toy, a chance to make things look differently because that person uses your buttons to make their own art.

In future projects, you will have many chances to brainstorm cool new ways to change the look of your user interface. For now, get coding by following these simple steps.

Start a New Project

Begin creating your Art Toy by starting a new project as follows:

  1. Start MicroWorlds EX. ...

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