Project 6

Sports Vote

Voting is a tool for determining relative popularity and can be used for everything from family members deciding on a restaurant to electing a president! It’s easy to code a simple voting booth that presents candidates and invites voters to pick their favorite, and then shows the results.

In Sports Vote, you code a voting booth that asks voters to choose their favorite of three sports, but you can customize the voting booth to feature any theme and any candidates. Each vote registers a sound to indicate the vote has been cast. But, instead of showing the number of votes received, the icon for each candidate changes in size according to its relative popularity — the largest candidate wins!


Expressing our opinions through voting is something you probably do every day informally among friends, in the classroom, and on Facebook. You can’t watch television without a news or entertainment station posting the results of their latest poll. So ask yourself, what do want to vote on?

  • Favorite foods
  • Best athletes
  • Political candidates
  • Who will win America’s Got Talent or American Idol

Start a New Project

Start a new project for your voting machine as follows:

  1. 9781118940327-ma002.tif Start MicroWorlds EX.
  2. On the yellow MicroWorlds EX startup screen, select Free Mode.

    A new project opens.

  3. From the menu bar, choose File⇒New Project Size⇒Web Player.

Add a Sports-Themed Background ...

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