Chapter 1

How Coding Benefits from AI


Bullet Automating repetitive tasks

Bullet Getting help with syntax

Bullet Testing your programs

Bullet Enhance your learning with AI

Bullet Pair programming with AI

If you're a programmer or learning to program, generative artificial intelligence (also known as GenAI) can help you be more productive, make fewer mistakes, and learn new skills and languages faster, as you discover in this chapter. In the process, you work with some tools to get a taste of what's available. All the topics in this chapter are described in detail in later chapters.

Although you might be able to use AI to generate working computer programs without knowing how to code, I strongly discourage you from doing this — especially if you plan to deploy anything you generate. Generative AI doesn't know how to program. If you don't know how to code either, there's a good chance that code you create with AI will have serious security problems, functionality problems, or worse.

Banishing Boring ...

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