JavaScript is hot! What started as a quick-and-dirty language created for one of the first web browsers has turned into the world’s most popular programming language. Demand for JavaScript programmers is at an all-time high and only continues to grow.

This book is your key to becoming proficient in the core concepts of JavaScript. Whether your goal is to land a high-paying job as a programmer or to make your own personal website more interactive, you can be confident that the content and techniques presented in this book are fully up to date with the most current JavaScript standards and best practices.

Coupled with engaging and interactive online exercises, each chapter contains complete examples of real code that you can try and test in your own web browser at home.

Just as the only way to Carnegie Hall is to practice, practice, practice, the only way to become a better programmer is to code, code, code!

About This Book

This book is a friendly and approachable guide to getting started with writing JavaScript code. As programming languages go, JavaScript is fairly easy to pick up and start using. Because it’s so accessible, many people who started as web page authors have found themselves in the position of being responsible for maintaining, modifying, and writing JavaScript code. If that describes you, this book will quickly and easily bring you up to speed.

Whether you know a little JavaScript or you’ve never seen it, this book shows you how to write JavaScript ...

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