Below is a sampling of resources pertaining to cognitive interviewing methodology, question evaluation, and measurement error.




Q-Bank is an online resource that houses cognitive interviewing and other question evaluation reports. The database is searchable by question and links each question to test findings. Q-Bank allows data analysts to better understand survey data regarding the interpretive value of the question. Q-Bank fosters the sharing of information among survey researchers, providing the ability to compare evaluation studies and to examine where certain methods can be improved. Q-Bank is a collaborative effort of many federal agencies and contractors, including the National Center for Health Statistics, the US Bureau of the Census, National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the National Science Foundation, and other statistical agencies.



Q-Notes is a qualitative research tool developed by the National Center for Health Statistics to assist in the management and analysis of cognitive interviewing studies. Q-Notes is available online and provides interviewers and analysts real-time access to interview data. This online application allows interviews to be conducted in multiple geographical regions so that comparability can be examined for multi-national and multi-lingual surveys. In ...

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