8 Analysis Software for Cognitive Interviewing Studies: Q-Notes and Q-Bank


National Center for Health Statistics


It can be difficult to manage the large quantities of data that are collected during a cognitive interviewing project. The complex task of keeping data organized and accessible can be daunting for researchers. The process of managing data and publicizing results can be facilitated by the use of technology. Specifically, qualitative analysis software can assist throughout the analytic steps of a cognitive interviewing project, and there are many qualitative software programs available to researchers. This chapter discusses the Q-Suite resources for cognitive interviewing research. Q-Suite contains the applications of Q-Notes and Q-Bank. Q-Notes is an online qualitative software program developed specifically for cognitive interviewing analysis, and Q-Bank is an online resource for dissemination of cognitive interviewing findings. Q-Notes and Q-Bank are products of the Questionnaire Design Research Laboratory (QDRL) at the National Center for Health Statistics and were developed in order to assist with the collection, organization, analysis, and dissemination of cognitive interviewing data.

More than simply a database management system, Q-Notes has the functionality to allow researchers to conduct the various tiers of analysis in a systematic, transparent fashion. Q-Notes allows for easy and accessible data entry ...

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