Chapter 8. Document and Share Project Goals and Vision

[ 8 ]

Document and Share Project Goals and Vision

It feels nice when the team works together and aligns on strategic ideas like project goals and the concrete vision. However, if you forget the goals and vision in two weeks, then you wasted your time. You can help your team keep the project goals and vision top of mind. Your team will make product decisions using the goals and stay on track toward the future vision.

In this chapter, we’ll look at ways to document and share the project goals and vision, so they help your team stay aligned. We’ll also look at how to share the goals and vision with other people in your company, so reviews and check-ins with managers and executives run smoother.

Document Goals to Provide Important Context

After you identify and prioritize project goals, you have a nice list of goals. Now it’s time to clean them up, so you can keep them in front of the team as well as share them with everyone else in your organization.

When you share the project goals, you provide important context that explains decisions to others who aren’t familiar with the myriad nuances surrounding the project. Good goals make sense to both the team as well as additional stakeholders across the organization.

An important part of this context, the project goals focus on outcomes that anyone can understand. While the CEO may not understand why you placed a specific button at the top of the screen, they understand your goal ...

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