1 The relational foundation of collaboration in a cultural and social hub

The case of Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita, Bologna

Ludovica Leone, Anna Chiara Scapolan, Fabrizio Montanari, and Pier Vittorio Mannucci


Effective collaboration has become a fundamental requirement of success in disparate fields, from scientific research to medical surgery and moviemaking (Biscaro & Comacchio, 2018; Delmestri et al., 2005; Mannucci, 2017; Nicolini et al., 2012). At the heart of collaboration efforts are the social networks between the collaborating individuals (Reagans et al., 2007; Singh, 2005). However, although research has traditionally focused on the benefits and advantages that can be accrued from collaboration networks (see Burt ...

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