Practice Test A

In Problems 1 and 2, write the first five terms of each sequence. State whether the sequence is arithmetic or geometric.

  1. an=3(54n)

  2. an=3(2n)

  3. Write the first five terms of the sequence defined by a1=2  and an=3an1+5  for n2.

  4. Evaluate (n1)!n!.

  5. Find a7 for the arithmetic sequence with a1=3 and d=4 .

  6. Find a8 for the geometric sequence with a1=13 and r=12.

In Problems 7–9, find each sum.

  1. k=120(3k2)

  2. k=15(34)(2k)

  3. k=118(1100)k; write the answer as a fraction in lowest terms.

  4. Evaluate (130)

  5. Expand (12x)4.

  6. Find the term containing x1 in the expansion of (2x+1)4.

  7. In how many ways can you answer every question on a ­ true–false test containing ten questions?

In Problems 14 and 15, evaluate each expression.

  1. P(9, 2)

  2. C(7, ...

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