Chapter 11

Colorants: Dyes

J. Richard Aspland    University of Clemson, Clemson, SC, USA

11.1 Introduction

11.1.1 Dyes and Pigments

The superficial distinction between dyes and pigments is quite clear (Lewis 1997). Pigments are invariably insoluble particles, and any process in which the particles become embedded or trapped within a polymer is properly referred to as a pigmenting or pigmentation process (Aspland 1993a).

In the fiber industry, pigments can be incorporated in the polymer dope, melt or solution, prior to its extrusion as fibers. In the textile industry, pigments can be mechanically applied to the surface of fabrics in the presence of an acrylic binder which, on curing, leaves a pigmented, acrylic polymer layer coating the fiber surfaces ...

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