Absolute zero, 19n

ACE. See Adobe Color Engine

Adjustment layers, 91

soft-proofing with, 99

Adobe Camera RAW, 168–169, 168f, 178–180

advantages of, 177

batch processing, 412

controls, 179f

optimizing, 179

Adobe Color Engine (ACE), 37, 84

Convert to Profile command and, 88

Adobe Creative Suite Bridge, 64

Adobe Distiller, 274

color settings, 275f

Adobe Gamma, 26

implementation of, 50

Adobe Illustrator

color settings, 64

ColorSync Worflow, 66b

Adobe InDesign, 213

Adobe Photoshop v., 266–267

color management in, 265–267

color settings, 64

ColorSync workflow, 66b

Adobe Photoshop, 2

accuracy of, 149–150b

Actual Color setting, 314

Adobe InDesign v., 266–267

advanced controls, 84–85

Angle Gradients, 387, 387f

Assign Profile command, 86–87,

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