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Special thanks to Kelly Harris Smith and Tim Love—we could not have done it without their time
and effort—and to Alicia Kennedy for her insight and encouragement throughout the process.
For additional assistance: Ann Theresa Karash, Shae Morley, Balasz Bognar, Christine Nassir,
Paula Read, Tina Luk, Ian Kenney and Chris Minor.
For her invaluable assistance, Betsy Gammons at Rockport Publishers.
For their generosity in sharing their perceptions of the discipline, the designers interviewed
Deborah Berke www.dberke.com
Shashi Caan www.sccollective.com
Michael Gabellini www.gabellinisheppard.com
Annabelle Selldorf www.selldorf.com
Calvin Tsao www.tsao-mckown.com
George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg www.yabupushelberg.com
Photographic sources are cited alongside the images; uncredited photographs and all
renderings and drawings are by the authors.
Every attempt has been made to cite all sources; if a reference has been omitted, please
contact the publisher for correction in subsequent editions.
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