Example 9.18 Cleaning Character Data Values


Apply several data cleaning rules to a character variable. Modify the case of words according to value and position in the value.

Example Features

Featured StepDATA step
Featured Step Options and StatementsHash object in the DATA step COUNTW, LOWCASE, PROPCASE, and SCAN functions
Related TechniqueDATA step, macro variables

Input Data Sets

The five observations in data set UNEDITED_TITLES have one character variable.


Obs    titletext
 1     of interest to all
 2     up at the crack of dawn
 3     the best of ?
 4     anything but...

Data set LCWORDS contains the words that should be lowercase in the edited text value.


     Obs    lcword 1 a 2 an 3 the 4 at 5 by 6 for 7 in ...

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