List of Figures

Fig. 2.1Development of primary energy consumption worldwide (cumulative) by energy type, 1980–2010, and IEA projections to 2035 [6]. 6
Fig. 2.2 Schemes of fixed bed (left), fluidised bed (middle), and entrained flow (right) boilers. 9
Fig. 2.3 Atmospheric mean CO2 measured at mauna loa observatory, Hawaii, 1960–2010. The red line represents the monthly mean values. The black curve represents the same, after correction for the average seasonal cycle [20]. 17
Fig. 2.4 CO2 reduction potential in coal-fired power plants, 2000–2020 and beyond. 18
Fig. 2.5 Oxyfuel combustion scheme with wet and dry recycle of the flue gas. 19
Fig. 2.6 Oxyfuel combustion scheme with ITM for oxygen supply (without heat integration). 19
Fig. ...

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