7Blockchain Adoption

This is an interesting area to discuss – where will Blockchain technology be adopted and how? This is a key question for any organization embarking on a Blockchain journey – whether your staff and customers will adopt the technology and what you need to do, to make the adoption easier.

How Will Blockchain Be Adopted?

There are five areas where I believe the adoption of Blockchain technology will develop:

  1. The user interface.
  2. The understanding of Blockchain technology.
  3. The killer app for Blockchain.
  4. Daily life use cases, especially payments and contracts.
  5. Winning business models make Blockchain technology the hero.

Blockchain Adoption: The User Interface

The biggest barrier to Blockchain adoption will be the user interface – the way that a human interacts with Blockchain technology will be critical to adoption. If we look at the current applications of Blockchain (namely cryptocurrencies) you will see that we have a concept of ‘wallets’.

A wallet is the interface between the Blockchain technology (the transactions) and the human interface. This is often very basic and complex for the end user to make use of and benefit from. Wallets are evolving quickly, and the technology is improving to allow the wallet to be more intuitive and customer friendly.

User experience is often the make or break of adoption, so any Blockchain interface must operate ‘like normal technology’. If you look at the enterprise Blockchain solutions, the large organizations are ...

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