List of Contributors
Dr. A. Behrooz Afrasiabi earned a Ph.D. at West Virginia University. He has been a faculty member at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania, for the past 21 years. His research interests include time-series analysis, especially as applied to mineral resource markets. He has also published articles on the applications of input-output analyzes to regional and energy issues.
Dr. Bruce A. Bancroft is Group Director in the Applied Improvements Department, Coal Operations, of CONSOL Energy Inc., the largest producer of high-Btu bituminous coal in the United States. His educational background includes a Ph.D. in mineral economics and an M.S. in statistics from West Virginia University. Active areas of interest include simulation, geostatistics, process control, mathematical programming, machine vision, and wireless sensor networks.
Dr. Brigitte Bocoum was with the African Development Bank until Spring 2008. She is now with the World Bank’s Mining, Oil, Gas and Chemicals Department. With a background in engineering and economics, she specializes in strategy development and development economics. She is an insightful writer who has authored numerous publications. Dr. Bocoum is an advocate of sustainable socioeconomic development in Africa. She understands the long-term importance of judicious finance for development and the urgent need for Africa to generate endogenous wealth. Over the years, she has established a reputation for her research on the proper integration ...

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