Final Thoughts

We hope this book helps you become more successful and more organized in your commodity trading. I remember when I was first introduced to commodity trading back in 1987. I had been in the investment business for 13 years by then and specialized in the Point & Figure method of analysis, making it a natural extension to apply the Point & Figure methodology to my commodity trading. At this point I am sure your mind is racing with ideas and questions as we have covered a tremendous amount of material in this book. We have tried to harness what we have learned from our twenty years of experience in the commodity markets, and over 30 years of experience trading and researching the equity markets with the same tools. Amidst that, there are several crucial points that I don't want lost as you finish this book.

  1. Supply and demand drives it all. And you don't have to look hard to find examples from your everyday life. Any parent knows this firsthand from inevitably spending a Christmas season looking for “Tickle Me Elmo” or a Sony PlayStation 3. You might have found yourself camping out with other moms and dads at your local Circuit City or Toys ‘R’ Us, or you might have latched onto the modern day equivalent of a farmer's market at, bidding thousands for that perfect gift to place under the tree for Christmas morning. I have always viewed commodities simply as another investment vehicle, just like stocks, that adhered to the irrefutable laws of supply ...

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