Appendix E. Multiple Comparison Methods

  • E.1 Introduction 471

  • E.2 Multiple Comparisons of Means 472

  • E.3 Multiple Comparisons of Binomial Proportions 482

  • E.4 Summary 487

E.1 Introduction

When you obtain a significant F-test in ANOVA for comparing responses among several (>2) treatment groups, your next step is to try to determine where the differences lie. Chapter 6 ("One-Way ANOVA") introduces the concept of multiple comparisons by demonstrating a method of all pairwise comparisons and a method to compare each treatment with a control. These comparisons are easily carried out using the T and DUNNETT options, respectively, in the GLM procedure. Chapter 6 also shows how you can test the significance of customized linear contrasts of the treatment means ...

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