Chapter 13Recover More Quickly from Adversity and Win

Learn how to recover more quickly from adversity. Corporate feedback reflects an extremely strong interest in this topic. Simply put, those who recover more quickly win, while those who don't merely survive, especially in sales-based companies.

The word recovery usually conjures up thoughts of overcoming an extremely negative condition or circumstance. Usually when we talk about recovery, people assume it involves terrible problems or even tragedy. That's not necessarily the case. Everyone is confronted daily with situations from which they need to recover in order to retain a desirable level of performance.

In business and personal life, people constantly recover from conflict, crises, and stressors. Salespeople have to recover from daily rejections. Several times a day at least a parent must recover from the frustrations of rearing children and carrying out the normal routines of running a household. Athletes have to recover from setbacks and lapses. Hitters must recover from slumps. Pitchers have to recover from bad pitches. Recovery is a necessary part of every walk of life.

It's critical that you learn to recover from adversity and to do so quickly. This ability separates talented people who win consistently from those who win casually, lose, or just survive. If you know the technique and you have a process in your mental files that enables you to speed up your recovery from adversity, then you're going to perform better ...

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