Glossary of Business Management and Personal Development Terms

An individual’s existing capacity to perform the various tasks needed for a given job.
The capability to learn something.
The use of a neutral third party to act as a judge with the power to issue a decision binding on all parties.
The predisposition to respond to someone or something in one’s environment in a positive or negative way.
The tendency to adhere rigidly to conventional values and to obey recognized authority.
Ideas about someone or something and the conclusions that people draw about them.
Body language
Nonverbal communication conveyed by posture and movement, eye contact, facial expressions, and gestures.
The generation of ideas through a “freewheeling” discussion without criticism.
Career planning
Creating long-term congruence between individual goals and organizational career opportunities.
Career stages
Different levels of work responsibility and personal achievement through which individuals pass during the course of their working lives.
The assumption that a change in an independent variable has caused a change in a dependent variable.
The degree to which the authority and responsibility for making decisions is restricted to higher levels of management.
Change agents
Individuals who take action to change the behavior of other individuals and of systems.
The pathways through which messages are communicated. ...

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