Chapter 7

Speaking with Clarity

In This Chapter

arrow Possessing a clear intention

arrow Breathing well to speak well

arrow Using your voice effectively

arrow Selecting powerful words

To speak with clarity you first have to be clear in your own mind what you want to communicate. Therefore you need to have a point of view and be willing to share your thoughts, feelings and emotions with other people to get that view across. When you know what you want to communicate to your listener, what you want to achieve as a result of your communication and that you trust yourself enough to show your vulnerability and overcome your insecurities, you’re well on your way to speaking with clarity.

Also, ensure that what you say is noteworthy. No doubt at times you’ve had to listen to someone spew forth meaningless and moronic twaddle in the boardroom – as well as from friends and family – that’s meant to pass as insightful and intelligent analysis. You know how frustrating it can be, so ditch the daftness and remember that clarity is power when speaking.

Also, physically speak up. People want to hear what you ...

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