Chapter 9

Getting Yourself Out of Sticky Situations

In This Chapter

arrow Defusing conflict diplomatically

arrow Tackling difficult behaviour

I’m sure that from time to time you find yourself in sticky encounters, and you know just how awkward and uncomfortable they can make you feel. I’m not talking about battling a melting toffee apple at the fairground, unpleasant though that is! I mean those quarrels involving other people when perhaps you say the wrong thing at the wrong moment, feel berated by a dissatisfied client or need to deal with a bullying colleague.

Unfortunately, such difficult situations are part of life, and so you need an emergency kitbag of approaches to draw from when the going gets rough. To help, I provide you with simple tips for handling conflict, managing difficult behaviour and so keeping yourself out of the communication quicksand.

Dealing with Conflict

Communication experts agree on two things: conflict is a result of conflicting values (I discuss the central importance of personal and corporate values in Chapter 5) and it’s a normal part of everyday life. When you handle and manage conflict effectively, you can:

check.png Increase morale. Both at home and at work conflict ...

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