Chapter 12

Communicating Successfully through Technology

In This Chapter

arrow Creating a professional email presence

arrow Meeting via social media

arrow Examining other electronic communication options

Communicating through electronic technology is a normal part of everyday life. Emailing, texting and Skyping as well as tweeting, blogging and connecting through webinars are just some of the ways people keep in touch.

But as the choice of communication methods rises, the danger of making mistakes increases. In this chapter I offer you a few pointers for ensuring that your technological communications are clear and appropriate no matter what form of social media or online interaction you’re using. I show you how to appear professional when necessary, observe the protocols and adhere to the correct etiquette.

Getting Your Email Etiquette Right

Although many people may struggle to recall a world before electronic mail (email), the form is a relative newcomer to the communication community, becoming a regular part of everyday life only since the mid-1990s. Of course from time to time you still prefer to send a letter through the mail (so-called snail mail), but email is perfect for:

Immediate requests ...

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