Chapter 13

Communicating over the Phone

In This Chapter

arrow Making effective phone calls

arrow Answering the phone properly

arrow Paying attention to callers

arrow Finishing up tactfully

I wonder whether you’re thinking, ‘I don’t need this chapter. . . I know how to talk on the telephone!’ Well, perhaps, but a big difference exists between chatting casually on the phone and communicating effectively and successfully, especially in a business context.

remember.eps You’re always creating an impression of some sort. Whenever you make a phone call – for business or personal reasons – how you speak and sound to other people determines how they perceive you, and if it’s a business call, how they perceive the organisation you work for.

Although I focus in this chapter on business calls, many of the principles apply equally to personal calls.

Calling with Confidence

I’m always astonished when someone calls me and then sounds surprised when I pick up the phone. Even when I let the call go to voice mail, the ...

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