Chapter 14

Putting Pen to Paper for Positive Effect

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing the basics

arrow Writing great personal letters

arrow Sticking to business protocols

Although some people think that letter-writing has been relegated to history in favour of email, voice mail and texting, a place still exists for so-called snail mail. Whether you’re sending a formal invitation, thanking your host for hospitality, conveying a message of congratulations or extending sympathy, nothing fits the bill better than a letter. In addition, knowing how to write proper business letters is a required skill.

In this chapter I provide plenty of information to keep in mind when communicating with the written word, for personal and professional correspondence.

Re-Introducing the Art of Letter-Writing

For business correspondence, the guidance I provide in this section is essential to make sure that you say what you want to and get that all-important appropriate tone for your message. Even for informal personal letters, observing these basic rules is sensible.

Keeping the recipient in mind

When writing a letter bear in mind the addressee. Consider what the person needs to know and take into account their expectations ...

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