Chapter 16

Ten Essential Tips for Effective Communication

In This Chapter

arrow Observing before speaking

arrow Caring enough to get it right

Here’s an important fact to remember – you can never not communicate. Or, to put it another way, you’re always going to disclose, pass on or reveal something. Whether you’re speaking faster than the speed of sound or not saying a word, you’re communicating. The tips in this chapter help you to communicate clearly and so take control of what you want to convey. You can then be confident that you’ve made yourself understood and in turn have understood others.

Treating the Other Person with Respect

When you treat people with respect you can count on them returning the favour, or at least appreciating your efforts. Most people want to be treated with respect, dignity and courtesy. Throw in a little politeness and kindness and you’re onto a winner.

Some ways you can treat others with respect include:

check.png Encouraging people to express their ideas and opinions.

check.png Letting others finish making their points before interjecting yours.

Never insulting, disparaging ...

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